The town of Las Juntas of Miller is in the far southeast of the Sierra de Segura, in the Parque Natural de Cazorla, Segura and Las Villas. It is the largest natural park of Spain and hosts a wide variety of fauna and flora of great importance from the ecological point of view. There are various dams (El Tranco, Aguascebas, Anchuricas, La Bolera, etc.), Large tracts of pine forest (laricio, Carrasco, and Galap nigra), as well as many other species of shrubs and trees, flanked by large valleys Impressive set and high plateaus with steppe vegetation (such as Los Campos de Hernan Perea). Regarding the existing Fauna, are represented ungulates typical of this type of saws (mountain goat, deer, deer and mouflon), other mammals and a great diversity of birds, which include various species of raptors and carrion such as the griffon vulture.


Lake of Anchuricas Góntar, Cerro de la Misa and other Village Rest of the Park Wildlife Park

Wildlife park - Some species can be obseved: Griffon Vulture, Mountain Goat, Deer, Wild Boar, and so on...

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