Las Juntas de Miller is located in the extreme southeast of the province of Jaen, on the border with the province of Albacete, in the heart of the Sierra de Segura and within the nature reserve of Cazorla, Segura and Las Villas. In "Las Juntas" join the Segura river channels and Zumeta to be the confluence of their respective sickles and small valleys. A few kilometers away is the beautiful village of Miller. This area of the Sierra de Segura, natural entrance from the southeast to the province of Jaen, has been populated by Iberians, Romans and Arabs was already inhabited in prehistoric times to attest that the paintings and archaeological remains in the many natural shelters their sickles, and set ravines. It also left many traces of Roman and Arabic cultures (castles, bridges ,...) as well as settlements Iberians.

The topography of the area stems from the end of the tertiary surveys of the seabed that shaped these mountains. The landscape is very steep and mostly upholstered in a thick forest in which the predominant pine (laricio, nigra, Carrasco and Galap) but also are cypress, poplar, oak, ash, olive, etc.. forming a typical Mediterranean forest.

The village of "Las Juntas" was built on the slope of the shore of Segura, on the forties of last century to house workers and technicians of the power of Miller. It is a limestone building with masonry walls and roofs of concerted cerchas wood (the two most abundant material in the area), thus, the current accommodations are the existing houses, grouped in small blocks of two plants height. These accommodations are perfectly equipped to weather conditions in the area and are equipped with all facilities to ensure a pleasant stay.

From here you can make countless hiking, walking both by car or bicycle as well as practice all the mountain sports (climbing, climbing, rafting and canyoning, paragliding, etc.), Horse riding, etc..

The Toba direction and Wood River, the beutifull lake is wide, where you can fish for trout or practice rowing. Other views of interest are the source of the river Segura (Source Safe in Pontoon Alto), Santiago de la Espada, World Birth of the river and the rest of the population saw as Siles, Hornos or Segura de la Sierra.

Are accessible by paved road from both the east (Yeste), and from the south (Puebla de Don Fabrique) or from the north and west by the Sierra de Segura, through Segura de la Sierra, Wood River and La Toba. From the north is reached Boards, after leaving behind the village of Miller, and the town is accessed through the bridge over the Segura; to the right, along the river Zumeta, follow the road to Santiago de la Espada and thence, by the Puebla de Don Fabrique, to Granada and Malaga. Following the river Segura, by Yeste, we can continue, or accessed from, Albacete and Murcia.


In the map below, you can see the situation of the village and the three main access mentioned