In the proximity of the village of Las Juntas, you can visit various places of great beauty, as well as some of the small village of Segura de la sierra, Santiago and Pontones. These incluye Miller who nickname given to the town it is a beautiful village on the slope of a magnificent set which, to their feet, the river Segura.


Village of Miller from Las Juntas

up and down: The village of Las Juntas and the environment


Views to the north and south from the north area of the farm


The valley of Segura from the residence in the village.


The river Segura crossing the village

up and down: views of the village Miller


The Boards of the town takes its name from the fact that this is where the river channels are joining the River Segura and Zumeta. It is also a crossroads, implying that is accessible by paved road from both the east (Yeste), and from the south (Puebla de Don Fabrique) or from the north and west by the Sierra de Segura, through Safe de la Sierra, Wood River and La Toba. On the page of "INTRODUCTION TO GET" can see in detail these accesses on a map.

The river Segura and the river Zumeta


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